How to Choose the Right Wood Fence Ottawa

Having a Wood Fence Ottawa is never a light decision. Some of the benefits accrued from the right fence include privacy, security, and even the value of the property. You don’t have to spend hours going through different wood fences in an attempt to select the most appropriate one for your project since this guide will show you how to accomplish this within only 10 simple steps. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right type of wood fencing that is safe and fits well into the overall design of your home.

Assess Your Needs

Before beginning the search, determine what purpose will require a new fence. Are you in need of extra privacy or to separate Pets and kids? Do you want to increase the chances of getting clients instantly without having to put your house on sale? Realization of your objectives will help you in selecting the best fencing.

Measure Your Property

Take a measuring tape and notebook with you. It is recommended to walk around the area that you wish to have the fences within so that you can see the general layout. Get a measuring tape and record the linear dimensions in a standard format. Also, indicate any slope changes or any obstacle such that trees are on the way. These details will help in getting realistic quotes for the product at a later stage.

Choose a Fence Height

Most common wood fences are of a standard height that ranges from 3 feet to more than 6 feet in Ottawa. Brief picket fences are for the character. Privacy fences are built with planks of five and 6-feet high which help in reducing visibility. Choose a height that will allow you the privacy level you desire but conforms to the law of the land as may be provided by the city.

Pick a Fence Style

Therefore, wooden fences are available in various styles. The main types are picket, post-and-rail, board-on-board, basket weave, and shadowbox. Picket and board-on-board fit the existing home’s architectural style. They include post-and-rail or panel fencing, which are common in modern designs.

Choose Wood Type

In Ottawa, contractors use a variety of wood fence materials such as cedar, pressure-treated pine, and redwood. Cedar still provides an aesthetic appearance and is intrinsically resistant to the effects of weather. Pine is relatively cheap compared to the other options but requires more maintenance. Redwood is very strong and a bit costly, but it is very much preferred by people for their homes, offices, and other buildings.

Select a Contractor

Before that you should do your homework well, the same way you have done it before hiring a professional. Consult the internet for review and ask other residents for suggestions. Ensure that the contractors you hire are duly licensed and bonded for the current year. Discuss the best prices between several suppliers and inquire about the quality of the materials and their warranty periods.

Learn Your Total Cost

Determine the price for construction by using linear feet in terms of the price of materials, employment expenses, etc. A minimum of 6 feet of cedar privacy fence will cost between $25.00 – $50.00 per linear foot, labor inclusive. Sundry expenses such as demolition expenses, gates, or permits may cost thousands.

Prepare Your Yard

Occasionally, it may be necessary to clear the area before installers arrive: there could be old barriers or even trees/vegetation that must be cleared first. Underground utilities should be well-marked to avoid mishaps with people especially those undertaking construction projects. The last activity is planning the temporary changes to access and parking resulting from equipment and materials.

Care for Your Fence

In Ottawa, a wood fence that has been well taken care of is capable of lasting for even more than 15 years. You should prepare to wash it with a pressure washer and stain and seal it within the 2 to 4 years time span. Check again for damages and leaks, especially after a storm. It is always advisable to spot small problems before they become major ones that require complicated repair services.

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Picking the right wood fence is not a straightforward process that requires some effort. Here are 10 steps to help you figure out your needs, research styles and materials, locate an expert, and determine the costs for installation and maintenance. When choosing the appropriate fencing material, you will get to enhance the outlook of your compound and at the same time get extra privacy and security.

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